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Some experts are predicting Personalised Nutrition is on the verge of a boom. 

There is currently a paradigm shift in the attitudes of consumers towards health and wellbeing, demonstrating a desire to be more proactive regarding their exercise and nutrition decisions. 

As a result, there is enthusiasm and growth for the nutrition markets that comprise “consumer health” and a resulting increase in the number of brands and products available that offer functional benefits.

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The importance of education

Whilst the landscape of available brands and products is now much larger, arguably consumers have never been more confused. My observation is that many consumers don’t know what to have, how much, and when.

Not least how this relates to them as individuals based on their biology, likes/dislikes, goals, behaviours, and lifestyle choices. As such, personalisation of diet and nutrition is seen as a primary enabler to growth, defining the nutrition industry now and in the future.

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It is important to recognise that personalised nutrition is already here and gaining traction. Only last year, Bayer acquired a majority stake in the vitamin start-up Care/of (valued at $225 million at the time) stating that they plan “…to grow the Care/of business across new channels, new categories, and new markets to deliver even more personalised nutrition”. But it really is just the start…according to the same UBS source,

Only 22% of consumers in the UK, Germany, and the US are aware of personalised nutrition. This leaves a massive upcoming opportunity for brands to educate consumers and gain market share.

A complex process

Personalised nutrition is not simple. People don’t just differ genetically, (or physically and mentally for that matter) but also in terms of their knowledge, habits, preferences, in addition to the environment in which they live. We must also remember that advice given to one person does not always suit another, whilst the tone of voice and timing of the advice can also impact the potential to change behaviour.



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