Nutiani Tutorial: Download CTA Component

Last update: 18 May 2023

PDF Download and PDF Gated Download

1. Download CTA Component is used for open source PDF downloads and Gated Resources PDF download which requires form completion prior to the download.

PDF Download - Open Source


3. Click "configure"

4. Click "Properties"

5. Enter the button label you require. Please keep this to 3 words max and ensure you are being consistent with the CTA (Call To Action) buttons on the rest of the website. Always click OPEN IN BROWSER (this keeps the current web page open so the user can click back into it)

6. Click "External link"

7. Switch to the tab you have the Publitas PDF open in. Copy the FULL URL of this PDF.

Tip: Tip! If you wish to link to a specific page in the PDF? Go to the page you require, then you will see page/xx in the URL, copy this full URL and paste it back into your component.

8. Click the "External Link" field and paste in the full URL. Then add the file name in the "File Name" field.

9. Click "check" to save.

Tip: Tip! You can also add in the file size if you wish. If you require another one of these, simply click the one you have just created, click COPY and then click PASTE. Will will now have 2 downloads, simply edit the second one. You can also drag and drop these to change the order:

PDF Download - Gated Resource

10. Click on the component.

11. Click "configure"

12. Click "Properties"

13. Enter your download button label.

14. Click the "Open in browser" field.

15. Click "Layout"

16. Click the "Gated resource ?" field. This means the user can not download or view the PDF until they have completed the form.

17. Click "External link"

18. Click the "External Link" field and paste in the full URL. Then add the file name in the "File Name" field. You can also add in the "File Size" so the user knows how large the document is.

19. Click "check" to save.

20. If you would like to edit the title and description that appears at the top of the form, you can do this here:

21. Edit the title or description - please keep to these character counts approx, no lengthly content please.

22. Once you have all your downloadable PDF components set up, you will need to test them. Click "properties".

23. Click "View as Published"

24. Click "Download PDF" and test each one to check they work correctly and all the information is correct.

25. When you click on the Black Gated Resource you should get this form displaying.


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