Developing wellbeing nutrition products?

Accelerate your innovation pipeline with Nutiani and answer consumers’ needs so they can live longer, more fulfilling lives.


Top 10 Health & Nutrition Trends 

Discover how consumer needs are evolving in a climate shaped by inflation.

Wellbeing concepts

Science-backed, consumer-tested concepts

Adopt or customise our wellbeing concepts to rapidly launch products that deeply resonate with your market.  

physical Wellbeing

Mitigating Malnutrition Through Nutrition

Our expert team is committed to combating malnutrition through our unique solutions and relentless innovation.


The Nutiani Story

Nutiani wellbeing nutrition solutions is brought to you by Fonterra, one of the world's leading dairy co-operatives. 
Grounded in nutritional science, Nutiani is driven by the restless pursuit of nutrition’s potential to help people achieve their best.

Consumer mindsets are moving towards a holistic approach to health. Our portfolio of products, concepts and expert services have been designed to reflect this, by focusing across the three main dimensions of wellbeing. 


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