Strengthening the building blocks of physical health


Supporting physical wellbeing through science-backed nutrition.

A state of optimal physical wellbeing is not just the absence of disease. It involves many elements of our body, and each is critical to delivering a good quality of life and get the most out of our daily activities.

92% of global consumers now recognise that their physical health is connected to other aspects, including mental and inner wellbeing1. Over half turn to nutrition to manage key priorities, including muscle, bone and joint health as well as their weight. Proteins are widely recognised for their benefits and are among the top three ingredients consumed1.

Nutiani Physical Wellbeing Infographic

Aspects of physical wellbeing

Weight Management

A healthy approach to weight management starts with a holistic understanding of the connection between nutrition and the body. Consumers are now more focused on how they feel than what they weigh¹, and are turning to intuitive eating practices to guide their decisions.

Muscle Health & Sarcopenia

Close to 70% of global consumers view muscle health as important to their overall wellbeing, and rely on mobility, speed and agility as indicators of positive peformance1. Age-related muscle loss, known as sarcopenia², is a key concern as it can potentially impair mobility or lead to disability.


Mobility empowers independence and fuels longer active lives. Maximising the power of nutrition early and often helps to build strong muscles, bones and joints – critical building blocks of mobility.


An adequate nutrient intake is key to preventing malnutrition and providing sufficient energy to engage in daily activities - which is among the top definitions of being healthy¹.

1. IPSOS Nutiani, Consumer Wellness Research (August 2021).

2. Sarcopenia is a condition characterised by the loss of muscle mass, strength, and function in older adults. (US National Cancer Institute)


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