Embracing a proactive approach for the mind and body


Unlocking holistic health through mental wellbeing.

89% of consumers recognise that mental well-being has an impact on other aspects of their health. Most believe mental health is connected to physical elements, including the ability to exercise regularly, weight management and appearance.

Approximately half of global consumers turn to nutrition to manage their sleep quality and stress levels, while 62% seek ingredients to improve their overall cognitive health. Dairy and plant-based proteins are among the most popular solutions1.


Nutiani Mental Wellbeing Statistic Infographic

Aspects of mental wellbeing

Cognitive Health

Cognitive health is important to 80% of consumers in managing their overall wellbeing. The ability to focus, make decisions and process information easily, and manage stress are prioritised elements of cognitive performance¹.

Stress and Mood

Overall mood is among the top five prioritised aspects of health and wellbeing. 70% of global consumers view stress levels – which can affect mood in many ways, such as irritability, anxiety and depression – as important¹.


Sleep quality is the top-ranked health and wellbeing aspect, with 82% of global consumers viewing it as important. Stress and dietary habits affect the quality of sleep for 34% of consumers and adequate nutrition support can help to achieve uninterrupted, restful sleep¹.

1. IPSOS Nutiani, Consumer Wellness Research (August 2021).


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