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Weight Management


  • Weight Management
  • Physical Wellbeing
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Weight Management

Weight Management

Infographic: Intuitive Eating Playbook

Weight Management

Weight Management

Whitepaper: Moving Beyond the Scale for Weight Management: Solutions for Intuitive Eaters

Partner with us to develop concepts that inspired the next generation of weight management consumer. 

It is imperative brands support total wellness and help consumers achieve their ideal weight goals through holistic lifestyle solutions.

More than weight loss, weight management customers are looking for wholistic solutions that benefit their total wellbeing. Historically weight management was a straightforward matter of numbers on the scale, activity tracking, and calorie counting.

Unfortunately, those who do find some success in traditional calorie deficit dieting often find their success short-lived, gaining back what they have lost and possibly more.1 The consumer is now more sophisticated, and deserves solutions that take the whole person into account. The top reasons US consumers are motivated to prioritize their health are to be happier (56%), live longer (51%), and relieve stress (48%).In China, most weight management consumers are looking to prevent the three highs (high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar)(70%), improve immunity (64%), and improve sleep quality (54%).3  

Brands should seek to reach into the core motivations of their weight goals: confidence, body acceptance, and total health and wellbeing.
Figure 1: What body neutrality means for weight loss supplements, Kantar Profiles/Mintel - November 2021
Figure 2: (a) High blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar, Weight Management Diets, Mintel, China - 2022
Defining Statistics

The number one indicator of success in weight management globally is the feel and fit of clothing, suggesting consumers are less concerned with a number and more concerned with their appearance and confidence in that appearance.4

They have a growing interest in formats beyond capsule and tablet supplements such as frozen/chilled foods, ready-to-drink beverages, bars and snacks. Perhaps most telling, 52% of US consumers agree that the term ‘dieting’ is outdated for weight loss.5

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