Building the foundation for holistic health from the inside out


Nutrition paves the path to complete inner wellbeing.

The majority of consumers believe that being healthy involves looking after all aspects of wellbeing, both inside and out. Over 50% prioritise managing their immunity and digestive systems as well as skin, hair and nails1, and tend to rely on nutrition.

Consumers have a strong preference for products in readily accessible and convenient formats, including supplements in capsule and tablet forms and frozen foods1.


Nutiani Inner Wellbeing Statistic Infographic

Aspects of inner wellbeing 


Immunity is one of consumers’ top three health concerns. 50% of global consumers associate immunity with improved overall body function and minimal illnesses or infections¹, and view it as essential to a longer, healthier life.

Beauty From Within

Our diets, beauty and health are intrinsically connected. Consumers are proactively managing their skin health and embracing the concept of beauty-from-within, regularly seeking out nutritional solutions that can help³.

Digestive Health

There is growing awareness of the relationship between a strong functioning digestive system and other wellbeing aspects, including immunity², sleep quality and mood¹. The right foods and nutrition can promote beneficial bacteria in the gut and improve digestive health.

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2. FMCG Gurus, Health and Wellness: Gut Microbiome Global Report – 2022

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