Grounded in the science of the human body

Wellbeing nutrition for longer, more fulfilling, healthier lives.



The way we think and talk about health is changing. It’s no longer enough to be free from illness or injury. Today, people aspire to have complete wellbeing from the inside and out, remaining healthy in body and mind.

At Nutiani, we believe nutrition has the potential to make our lives longer, healthier, and more fulfilling. People need products that work for their lifestyles and goals. This means products that are nutritious, convenient and scientifically proven to support our wellbeing in the areas that matter most. Grounded in nutritional science, Nutiani is driven by the restless pursuit of nutrition’s potential to help people achieve their best.




No matter where you are on your innovation journey, you need to go to market at speed with trustworthy wellbeing nutrition solutions to anticipate the fast-evolving consumer needs. Powered by innovation and science, Nutiani aims to accelerate your innovation pipeline, creating winning products to delight consumers and enhance wellbeing. 


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Science-backed ingredients to make your product strong. Our portfolio of ingredients is aimed at supporting wellbeing throughout all life stages.  Between probiotics, lactoferrin and phospholipids, our ingredients can be easily incorporated into everyday diets to provide nutritional benefits across wellbeing needs.


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Tested concepts to accelerate successful delivery to market. Nutiani inspires customers with new product ideas featuring functional ingredients. Our wellbeing concepts are created with rich consumer insights, crafted by nutritional and food science experts, tested globally with end-users, and finally supported with recommendations on positioning. These are designed to be ready-to-market or customised to your needs. 


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Expert services to help you deliver with confidence. We’re bringing our proprietary research and consumer insights, scientific expertise, and technical application knowledge to partner with you at every step of the innovation journey, helping you meet the needs of consumers and patients for physical, mental, and inner wellbeing.

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Fonterra’s heritage. Nutiani wellbeing nutrition solutions is brought to you by Fonterra, one of the world's leading dairy co-operatives. We’re pioneers of food science, and champions for nutrition. Over the years we have been building expertise in these complementary areas, and are now applying all this experience to exciting new markets.

Diverse wellbeing benefits. Meeting consumer and patient wellbeing needs is our priority. People are increasingly taking a holistic approach to health, so expect multiple benefits from nutrition products. We can help to meet these needs, through our functional ingredients and solutions, which target a wide range of health concerns. 

A network of global innovation partners. Innovation does not happen in isolation. We leverage our global network of partners to develop solutions together. Our teams across the globe work closely with recognised research partners and an ecosystem of in-market third-party manufacturers to connect our customers with trusted players across the value chain. 


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