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Consumer Deep Dive Series: The Proactive Pursuers 


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Consumer Deep Dive Series: The Proactive Pursuers

Consumer Deep Dive Series: The Proactive Pursuers

The Global State of Health & Wellbeing – Volume 2

This is Part 1 of 5 of our Consumer Deep Dive Series, an article series on the consumer segments identified in The Global State of Health & Wellbeing Report - Volume 2.

As brands look to personalise their products to their audiences, a clear understanding of consumer groups' distinct needs and preferences is crucial. In this new article series, we explore how brands can tailor their solutions and outreach to the five segments from our Consumer Segmentation Report.  

We kick off the series with the largest segment of global health-conscious consumers, Proactive Pursuers. This high-income consumer group is knowledgeable about nutrition and wellbeing. Taking an especially proactive approach to health management, they incorporate multiple steps into their routine to help manage their wellbeing, including adopting a well-balanced diet. While some consumer segments find healthy eating challenging or boring, Proactive Pursuers enjoy it and seek out high-quality nutrition to fuel their daily lives. 

Although they don’t need much education around the importance of healthy eating, Proactive Pursuers are receptive to information that digs deeper into the role of ingredients in nutrition and wellbeing.

Given the highly informed and engaged nature of Proactive Pursuers, this article shares reflections on the type of products, information and outreach that could best appeal to them.

Develop less processed products with added functional benefits 

Proactive Pursuers actively seek out products that maximise nutritional value, with three-quarters indicating a preference for food and beverages with functional benefits. As they understand the holistic nature of health, they are also more likely to turn to products that support many areas of their overall wellbeing.  

Figure 1: Overall agreement with ‘I prefer food/beverages with added functional/health benefits’

Supplements are popular among Proactive Pursuers, coming second only to food, which is driven by the segment’s preference for products that are less processed. There is a clear opportunity for brands to develop nutrition supplements with natural, multi-functional ingredients that help meet Proactive Pursuer’s health goals.

Ensure information is highly reliable  

Knowledge is important to Proactive Pursuers, and 95% actively seek information on health, wellbeing and nutrition. As a result, they are likely to have a foundational understanding of a product’s nutritional value.

Did You Know?
90% of Chinese Proactive Pursuers prioritise scientifically proven health benefits when evaluating products

As the majority of the segment prefers products backed by science (70%), sharing clinically proven health benefits clearly on packaging and marketing material will help connect more meaningfully with Proactive Pursuers. Brands can consider partnering with trusted ingredient suppliers that are able to verify proof of efficacy, which will help to boost the credibility of their offerings.

Deliver information and nurture trust across owned channels  

Information that is conflicting or confusing is a deterrent for Proactive Pursuers, with nearly two in five saying untrustworthy information is a barrier to managing their nutrition and diets. To overcome this uncertainty, they tend to seek out further information across a wide range of platforms.  

In an environment where consumers tend to be sceptical towards brands and the authenticity of their claims, Proactive Pursuers are unique in their receptiveness. Their top sources of information are dominated by brand communication channels, including television, product labels, brand website and in-store displays. Endorsements by friends, family and healthcare professionals were also said to help validate or debunk Proactive Pursuers’ research on nutrition products.

Milk Protein Mineral Content Chart

Figure 2: Proactive Pursuers’ preferred information sources for wellbeing and nutrition 

The bottom line for appealing to Proactive Pursuers

In conclusion, our findings clearly demonstrate that brands have a big opportunity to tap into this highly engaged segment and build a loyal customer base. 


More than half (52%) of Proactive Pursuers are willing to try new products if brands provide sufficient information around the health benefits.

Meanwhile an average of just 30% consumers from other segments say product information influences their purchasing decisions.

It takes more than simply providing accurate product information to capture the Proactive Pursuers segment – they are looking for fresh insights and perspectives on health and nutrition. This includes scientific validation of ingredients and products and endorsements from healthcare professionals, all of which need to be communicated through multiple touchpoints.

The effort pays off, as we know Proactive Pursuers are not only willing to try new products, but more than half will continue buying healthy food and beverages they have tried, trust and enjoy.

As a wellbeing nutrition brand, we help customers navigate the diverse needs of their consumers and work closely with them to tailor solutions that resonate with all groups. If you’re interested in launching a new nutrition product, please reach out to us to learn more about how we can help. 



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