Mobility: Fuelling Longer Active Lives



14 Oct 2022

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Mobility: Fuelling longer active lives

Mobility: Fuelling longer active lives

Whitepaper: Fuelling Longer Active Lives


Mobility Matters to your consumers - Are you ready to move on this opportunity?

As 75% of seniors say mobility problems have a moderate to severe impact on their health, consumers of all ages are seeking nutrition solutions to proactively manage their mobility long term. If you're interested in new opportunities for incremental growth in the healthy ageing space - this webcast is a must-watch!



This 1-hour webcast will dive into:

  • What does Mobility ACTUALLY mean to consumers and what claims and features should you address?
  • The latest insights into WHY mobility is increasingly important to consumers of all ages.
  • Where the trends and opportunities are for F&B brands to drive growth and product development.
  • How diet and dairy nutrition are critical for mobility success long term.
  • Introducing Nutiani's Science-Backed, Consumer-Tested mobility concepts.




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