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Nutiani Top 10 Health and Nutrition Trends


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Although the global health emergency of the COVID-19 pandemic may have eased, consumers now confront a fresh crisis: the soaring cost of living. Amidst this uncertainty, the pursuit of health and nutrition remains resolute.

In fact, a striking 65% of global consumers intend to improve their dietary habits in the next 12 months to enhance their health and wellbeing. Our proprietary 
Nutiani Ipsos Consumer Health & Nutrition Index 2023 reveals the top trends that have resulted from the impact of inflation on consumer behaviour. The study also includes actionable insights for brands to succeed in the wellbeing space.

1. Consumers Seek Value Amid Inflation 

The global cost-of-living crisis has left 84% of consumers feeling the impact with 41% saying their food choices and nutrition has been impacted. 

In response, majority will focus on buying essential goods and reduce unneccessary purchases. 24% are opting for quality over quantity, indicating a shift towards purchasing fewer, but higher-quality products.

2. Scientific Credibility Drives Trust

Science holds the key to consumer trust, with the top 4 product attributes impacting the believability of the product being related to science:

3.  Mental Wellbeing Remains in the Spotlight 

The importance of mental health has firmly held its position in consumers’ minds since the start of the the COVID-19 pandemic, and it will continue to be a priority in the coming year.

Consumers’ top definition of being healthy means “I feel mentally well”, stated by 36% of respondents. Within mental health, there is a focus on sleep quality as the top aspect consumers consider important is sleep quality, voted by 78% of respondents.  

4. Prevention for Healthy Ageing 

Consumers generally have a proactive approach towards health and wellbeing with 79% of consumers consuming products as they think that nutrition can help avoid health issues.

This mindset continues till old age, where consumers are significantly more concerned about ageing healthily as compared to 2021. As ageing healthily becomes a growing concern, businesses can tailor products and services to meet the demands of a consumer base that aims to enjoy a good quality of life for as long as possible, which is the definition of being healthy stated by 23% of global consumers.

5. Rising Demand for Multifunctional Solutions

What shapes your perceptions of value when purchasing nutritional products to manage your health and wellbeing? 32% of consumers answer, “Multiple health benefits”, with 51% displaying a consistent inclination towards such solutions.

6.  Branded Ingredients for Differentiation

In a market flooded with options, branding ingredients is a powerful strategy for differentiation. Nearly half of global consumers believe that branded ingredients impact the believability of a product, emphasizing the importance of establishing a unique brand identity. For example, Nutiani HN001™ and Nutiani HN019™ are two of the world’s most studied and reputable strains being used in products across the globe.

7. Protein Power in Traditional Dairy

Amidst a growing market for alternatives, dairy holds its grounds with expected volume growth of 2.4% in 2024¹. Dairy protein is considered within the Top 3 ingredients considered by consumers to manage Weight Management, Mobility, Muscle Health, Cognitive Health, Stress Levels, Skin Health, Immune Health, and Digestive Health.

For brands looking to deliver success in this space, spoonable yoghurt is the top preferred product format ranked within Top 3 formats considered across the 8 health benefits tested.

8. Probiotics: A Rising Star 

Probiotics are widely recognized by consumers, with 49% of respondents aware of probiotics as an ingredient that can be taken to manage health and wellbeing.

Within the top ingredients considered by consumers for managing health and wellbeing, Probiotics rank in the Top 5 across Weight ManagementStress ManagementSkin Health, Immune Health, and Digestive Health

9. Sustainability Alone is Not Enough

Environment issues remain amongst the top 3 concerns of global consumers, with 64% of consumers stating they are extremely or moderately concerned about it.  However, product source/origin, usage of organic ingredients, and sustainable products are the 3 product attributes influencing purchase decision, taking a backseat behind price and science. 

10. Self-education Amidst Misinformation

With 23% of consumers relying on self-education for health management, up significantly from 17% in 2021, businesses have an opportunity to become trustworthy sources of information.

Education is of growing importance as consumers growing cautious about long-term product consumption. There are also misconceptions to be addressed, with the top barrier towards consuming product is that consumers believe eating a healthy and balanced diet provides them with sufficient nutrients.

Download the infographic for all 10 trends 
Mockup of Nutiani Top 10 Health & Nutrition Trends 2024

Bonus Trend: Snacking for Pleasure

Consumers are snacking for pleasure, with 38% snacking to relax and 36% to boost their mood. 

To capture consumer confidence in times of uncertainty, brands must prove the value of their products through clearly communicating their science-backed innovations and address key health concerns surrounding mental wellbeing and healthy ageing, through holistic multifunctional solutions that align with consumers' desire for pleasure in their daily lives.

Nutiani and Ipsos carried out an online survey across five countries. A total of 2,500 people aged 18 to 80 were interviewed (500 each in USA, China, Japan, South Korea, and the UK). Quotas were set on key demographic and geographic variables to ensure representative coverage. The survey was conducted in June 2023.

The survey is the second in a series of ongoing research by Nutiani to build a comprehensive understanding of consumers and their health and wellbeing needs. 


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