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Ready-To-Drink Beverages

Ready-to-Drink offerings, including sports waters, meal replacements, functional drinks and medical beverages, are increasingly popular for convenience and on-the-go consumption. Our functional ingredients and formulations have been specially designed to address common beverage stability and processing challenges, whilst providing a range of popular functional benefits. 




Approximately one in four consumers say that they have used nutritional supplements over the last two years to boost their health. For the majority of these people, supplements are an embedded ritual in their daily lives¹. Consumers turn to supplements to improve a variety of wellbeing areas, highlighting the appeal of multifunctional products that help address a variety of health goals simultaneously.



Protein Powders & Ready-To-Mix Beverages

Ready-to-mix beverages and protein powders are one of the most convenient and popular formats for the active consumer with a particular strong hold on the sports and performance nutrition market. Powder is the leading format for sports nutrition launches with 60% of global sports nutrition product launches in 2022 being powder/RTM format². From probiotics to proteins, our ready-to-market tested RTM concepts show mainstream appeal across the health and wellness shelf.    



Bars & Snacks

Snacking is a staple in consumers' lives, with 71% of global consumers snacking at least twice a day³. Consumers continue to seek variety in their diet, and snacking is a great way to bring new formats and functional benefits between meals.  Bars are one of the most popular fortified snack formats with 57% of global consumers having purchased protein snack bars in the last six months alone⁴. 


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