Whey Protein Crunch Bar

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Whey protein crisps bound together with a delicious dough make a perfect high protein snack after a tough workout, training, or at any time of the day.


1 in 2 global consumers are concerned about muscle maintenance¹.

A protein hit in your pocket: 18g of high-quality protein in a 60g bar. 

“If you recognise what each ingredient is and it’s all in one product then I’m happy with it. It’s scary if you look at the back of a packet and there’s all these crazy names for things and you don’t know what they are.”

- Fonterra Athlete Incubator Verbatim 


Tested by Elite Athletes

The Nutiani Whey Protein Crunch Bar was trialled as part of the Fonterra Athlete Incubator Project by elite athletes. 

In October of 2021 Fonterra embarked on a 12-month long sports nutrition innovation journey in the form of the Athlete Incubator Project; a consumer research exercise to inform future performance nutrition innovations and concept design

67% of athlete respondents would recommend this concept


1. IPSOS Nutiani, Consumer Wellness Research (August 2021).


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